Tecuhtliztacuhxochitl’s Sacrifice Simulator is a game about growing a colony of farmers, warriors, and civilians with the help/hindrance of a sadistic deity.


  • Mouse
  • Pause time with spacebar or the pause button (for planning and reading)


  • Choose desired effect, choose people, and click sacrifice
  • Some offers have multiple requirements


  • Can change profession in the People tab
  • Farmers produce food
  • Civilians give birth to new people
  • Warriors increase army strength


  • If food production is less than population, some people will lose health due to starvation.
  • If your army strength is less than the invaders, some of your people will take damage.
  • People grow more efficient as they level up. Xp is earned passively. Level is reset when profession is changed. Max level can be increased in the Permanent Demands tab.
  • Max population is 10.


  • Try to increase your population size early.
  • Once you have 5+ people, it’s ok to sacrifice, you can repopulate.
  • It’s ok to take some damage. Plague/Invaders/Starvation will usually only damage your people.
  • Use the pause button to plan ahead and to read things.

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